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Custom lighting design


Gualeni works with a diverse network of Italian master craftsmen and artisans, each specializing in a medium that utilizes the finest materials sourced from the original locations in Italy where the craftsmanship was perfected. During prototype phases, Daniele works side by side with the artisans, perfecting the shapes and colors of each design. The artisans then craft each piece to the same standard set in place by the prototype, sending their completed pieces to the factory that his family has owned and operated for over 30 years. The factory specializes in manufacturing electrical cables and product assembly, and it is here that all of Unapologetically Italians products are assembled, tested, certified, and packaged before being shipped directly to customers across the world. The synergy between Daniele, the artisans, and the family factory ensures that every hand made item is of unparalleled quality, preserving the artistry of his products. 



Gualeni believes in sustainability and craftsmanship and avoiding machine-made products. By working directly with artisans and his family owned factory, instead of teaming up with large companies, he is able to produce products that will last a lifetime while supporting small businesses and artisans, all while honoring the legacy of authentic Italian design and culture.

Custom lighting design
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