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Luxury lighting

Italian custom-made handblown glass chandeliers

Custom-made production of handcrafted Murano appliques, Venetian Murano chandeliers and Murano crystal chandeliers is one of the cores of our area of expertise.

For any sized project, whether you have to adorn a Villa, restaurant, hotel lobby or a whole hotel chain with stunning glass work that needs custom design, Daniele Gualeni's flexible approach will guarantee you full satisfaction.

We start with a detailed analysis of the customer's needs and vision. We then work with our collaborators to produce a series of preliminary sketches. After the project has reached a certain level of maturity we deliver a 3D rendering in order to give the customer the best possible rendition of the object in its final form.
Our custom handcrafted glass chandeliers represent the skillful tradition of Italian craftsmanship. The latest technologies help us to streamline the design process and allow us to concentrate on the glassmaking where our master artisans will deliver your vision in all its glory.

Luxury lighting
Luxury lighting


In the Design Phase, we help the customer to clearly translate their vision by evaluating the rules, proportions and technical measures that characterize Murano chandeliers. Our goal is to arrive together with a modern aesthetic solution, custom but faithful to the Venetian tradition.

Murano chandeliers are a 1000-year old ancient tradition. Even in a modern world, it maintains the rules of shape and proportion established in the past. Many of these rules are based on the use of golden ratios, proportions and sinuous shapes. Only through thorough and precise interpretation of these ancient traditions can a unique object be created. This can be suitable for modern contexts but with the harmony and lightness defined by centuries of Venetian tradition.


The project is discussed with the Master Glassmaker right from the drafting of the first sketches. Together, the assembly and details of the product are defined, as well as the aesthetic rendering of colors and any variations. A final review is performed directly in the workshop on the same day as the first model is made.

The constant and continuous collaboration with the Master Glassmakers allows us to correctly interpret the vision of our customers, guaranteeing an exceptional and unique product, at a competitive and reasonable price due to the high quality therein.

Each product is certified as original and bears the signature of the Murano Master Glassmaker who made it.


Contact us for a quote and discuss your unique project.

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