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Palm Springs Interior Designer

Interior Design

Gualeni’s background in engineering and design, coupled with his lifelong experiences immersed in multiple artistic cultures spanning from medieval to modern; from Brescia to Milan, and New York to California, has created a unique backdrop for Daniele to successfully create inspired interior design projects for clients around the world. This emulsion of cultures comes out in his design, bringing a European style that blends both contemporary and traditional styles, while incorporating American functionality and space, resulting in a refined and elegant space designed and personalized specifically for you.


Daniele has a trusted network of artisans that he has worked with for over a decade. These artisans not only work with Daniele to create his lighting designs, they also make other handcrafted products using the different natural materials Italy is famous for, giving Daniele the ability to provide personalized design, while incorporating exclusive features such as custom furniture made from the finest wood, exclusive kitchen designs using Carrara Marble, inlaid wooden floors, and handmade carpets with intricate patterns. Daniele’s exclusive lighting provides the finishing touch that will highlight your space perfectly. Through his connections, Daniele is also able to provide assistance with buying and importing the best materials and products Italy has to offer.


Whether you are relocating, renovating, or starting out fresh, Gualeni has the vision, experience, and resources needed to work with you to design and manage each unique interior design project for your home or business.

Palm Springs Interior Designer
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