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We at Unapologetically Italian believe that light is both the spirit and personality of your dwelling. And with that, artful lighting pieces should be created to meet your environment’s needs… not the other way around.

From cascading ceiling formations on stairwells, to multiple lengths in row for room dividers, our model pieces can fit practically anywhere to illuminate your most cherished spaces. 

For in depth and original custom inquiries, feel free to contact our support team. No job is too big and with the expertise from Daniele as both a master designer and engineer, all bases are covered.

Our unique

What makes Unapologetically Italian unique is that all of our luxurious base models are fully customizable, ranging from the color and texture of the glass, to the tint and sheen of our ceramics. We offer a wide variety of cable lengths and colors with varying types of electric connectors for all of your home, clients’ or business’ needs. We even offer multiple hanging options and layouts utilizing varying ceiling canopy configurations to allow our art pieces to be utilized for maximum impact to the spaces needs.

Founder and Master Designer Daniele Gualeni was deeply inspired to break the conventions of people bending their needs to fit art rather than art conforming to you from his years spent living in New York City, where space is very limited. By being able to use his designs in multiple ways; from bedroom lamp alternatives to intimate candle-esque lighting in bathrooms, our clients can be reminded daily that both art and quality can also be married with versatility.


Daniele has taken this a step further by having direct contact with his master artisans where they can create and assemble one-of-a-kind chandeliers and sconces using our array of vivid colors and textures with perfect electrical solutions to last a lifetime. These colors will never fade or peel because they are not painted but rather fused into the glass itself while still in its molten state.

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