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designer Daniele Gualeni


Red Dot Award-winner Daniele Gualeni (pronounced Dan-yel-eh) was born to design. 

Gualeni grew up surrounded by the beauty and culture of his native medieval town of Brescia, Italy. Immersed in a world rich in artistic history, creativity, and design, Gualeni grew up helping his father assemble furniture, lighting, and other products for a large design company; not only exposing him to pieces created by some of the world’s best designers, but allowing him to experience these incredible products from the inside out. Daniele finds inspiration from the world around him, and this innovative and culturally rich environment provided him with a blank canvas to develop his own creative palette. From a very young age, nothing could stop Daniele from drawing all day and building anything he could imagine. 

His passion to build and design never subsided. Daniele’s mother encouraged him to study in Milan where he achieved a double Master’s degree in Design and Engineering in the modern design capital. The contrasting contemporary influence of Milan and his unique, early experiences in Brescia, have inspired Daniele to create functional art pieces that are both timeless and fresh.

Brescia city

The beautiful town of Brescia, in Northern Italy

Murano glass


Gualeni and his family worked together to build their own business from the ground up, opening a factory where they began producing and assembling products. Daniele began scouring for artisans that could help bring his designs to life and has been building relationships with some of the best master craftsmen across Venice and Murano, for over a decade. Through these connections, he created his first independent line and has continued to work with them as he designs new custom products that his family proudly produces in their factory. Because of this, Daniele is intimately involved in the production of his products from inception to delivery.

Custom lighting design
Custom lighting design

New York City & California

Gualeni moved to New York City in 2007, adding additional depth to his cultural repertoire including the expansion of his talents to the Interior Design world. These works can be seen from the classic penthouses in Central Park to the hip renovations of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. He has since collaborated with some of the finest design studios in the Big Apple as his work continues to be featured worldwide. His creations have appeared in Milan Design Week, and his entire line has been exhibited in the prestigious Hudson Galleries. Daniele currently splits his time between Palm Springs (Southern California), NYC, and of course, his beloved Italy.


Although his designs can be seen around the world, from hotels in Dubai to the homes of Film and TV stars in Hollywood, they forever remain Unapologetically Italian.

designer Daniele Gualeni
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