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The symphony, the song, the singer and  stage...many elements moving in harmony to create a singular experience. This intricate yet delicate piece is inspired by the Italian-perfected opera. 


Make the ultimate impression with this fully customizable chandelier made from 100% Murano glass. Go with our original multi-colored layout or choose to customize this unique piece with up to 5 different colors in both mirrored and transpararent color profiles. Murano glass is never painted or stained but rather made from natural materials to create truly unique and lush colors that will never wear or fade.

Select the 'Custom colors' option and indicate the desired color(s) in the 'personalizations' section. For a list of the available colors, visit the 'Murano Glass Colors' area in the 'Products' submenu.

Indicate in your request both the number and the name of the colors you have selected where our master glassmaker will orchestrate the layout the pieces of your chandelier.

You will be contacted by our customer service for an order confirmation and to discuss any details of the work you so desire.

Opera, Murano Chandelier

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