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A collection of unique glass sculptures designed by Daniele Gualeni, made by Italian glass masters. Inspired by the woods of California and the changing colors of the seasons, each handmade sculpture represents a stylized tree. Each piece is individually made using a free-hand technique. Because molds are not used, each piece is unique, resulting in an elegant glass forest where no two trees are alike. 
The pieces presented here are part of the series “Breath” designed by Daniele Gualeni in 2022, to celebrate the reopening of California’s parks following the closures caused by the covid pandemic and the fires of 2021. Each piece is signed by the glass-master “Parise Vetro” and certified Made in Italy.

The Enchanted Forest is a limited production of no more than 40 numbered pieces. Only ten pieces are currently available in the US and can be delivered within 1 week.  Additional pieces can be ordered and shipped from Italy, but delivery times extend to approximately 6 weeks while supplies last. After your purchase is complete, your expected delivery time will be confirmed via email.  

Sculptures can be purchased individually or in sets of 3. Dimensions vary per model and range between 4 to 6 inches wide and 10 to 13 inches high. 
If you are passionate about Murano glass, this is the perfect opportunity to own unique and celebratory pieces that combine Italian artistry with the beauty of the American landscape.

The Enchanted Forest

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