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Conceived as a bedside lamp, TENUE is also well suited for desks, as a shelf lamp or on a small table in the living area. Its circular structure allows it to be easily placed in any desired direction. 


The body is composed of a round ring in brushed aluminum for the BIG SILVER version  or white lacquer for the SMALL BIANCO version. This ring embraces a small ball of light in milky white blown glass which is illuminated by LED. 


The LED bedside lamp TENUE features a built-in 300 lm LED that gives a diffused, non-invasive, uniform, natural and comfortable light with only 3,15W energy consumption. Thanks to LED technology, the bulb will never need to be replaced (LED lasts an almost unlimited amount of time, approximately 50,000 hours).


The low power consumption and high performance make this LED bedside table lamp a perfect object for nighttime reading without disturbing your partner, or for creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in the living area. 


Thanks to its simple compact design and neutral colors TENUE is a bedside lamp easy to place, suitable both in the bedroom and in classy offices or in modern style living rooms. An essential piece of furniture for your home, because it helps to enrich the overall lighting system. 


The design is optimized for simplicity and beauty, making it both a functional and decorative object. A blend of design and technology and an indispensable piece of furniture for the pleasant aesthetic impact, the practicality and functionality alike.

Tenue silver

  • Simple shape and cuts. The table lamp Tenue is made of an aluminium body, embracing a small ball of light made of white milk Murano glass and powered by LED light. Tenue, with its clean shapes, fits discreetly in any room, allowing a wide range of installations. A simple, perfect shape.

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