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ASTRA is the term of the Latin language which means "The direction towards the stars". An example of this is the famous Latin motto "per aspera ad astra" which means "through hardships to the stars". In reality, the origins of this expression always derive from a work of the Latin writer Lucio Anneo Seneca, who in his work "Hercules furens" wrote "non est ad astra mollis e terris via", that is, there is no simple way from earth to stars. According to the legends of ancient Rome, the possibility of becoming stars was in fact reserved only for heroes because they had a fearless life, by definition full of harshness and dangers.
This chandelier represents a masterpiece of the artistic craftsmanship of Murano, complex in its realization as each piece must be made with care in order to be able to combine with the other pieces with harmony and without interference to create the shape of a star and its rays of light. A job that only a highly experienced master glassmaker can do.

Astra, Murano Chandelier

  • A Color Visionary's Dream! Make the ultimate impression with this fully customizable chandelier made from 100% Murano glass. Go with our original multi-colored layout or choose to customize this unique piece with up to 5 different colors in both mirrored and transpararent color profiles. Murano glass is never painted or stained but rather made from natural materials to create truly unique and lush colors that will never wear or fade.

    Select the 'Custom colors' option and indicate the desired color(s) in the 'personalizations' section. For a list of the available colors, visit the 'Murano Glass Colors' area in the 'Products' submenu.

    Indicate in your request both the number and the name of the colors you have selected where our master glassmaker will orchestrate the layout the pieces of your chandelier.

    You will be contacted by our customer service for an order confirmation and to discuss any details of the work you so desire.

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