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The LISA is a very unique story, indeed. 


A steel mold of a light was recently discovered in an abandoned light factory in Verona dating back to the 1930's. Due to materials, it was found flawlessly preserved and designer Daniele Gualeni felt it was worth bringing back a piece of forgotten history.


Updated and with added color choices, the LISA lamp is enriched by our LISA+ version. A lamp with gold leaf and silver foil finishes (applied by hand). 


Lisa+ is a glossy white glazed ceramic lamp with an internal gold or silver finish that nods to the past and does so with taste and refinement. In these two models, the irregular opacity of gold and silver leaf (applied by hand) diffuses a soft and relaxing light.


Equipped with an E27 socket, it can mount light bulbs up to 100W, or, as suggested by Ilide (ARTICLE LINK), with the latest generation of LED bulbs that guarantee low energy consumption and high luminous efficiency (light bulb not included).


The handcrafted production process makes each artifact unique since no two will be exactly alike, small variations and irregularities are proof of this special production process which calls for being baked in the oven twice, making the coating robust and scratch-resistant for lasting and unchanging beauty over time. 


 Alone or in combination with many elements, LISA+ is an ideal product for sophisticated environments of the house: living area, commanding kitchens, traditional bedrooms and grand bathrooms, as well as business environments (bars, restaurants) where it is ideally placed over the counters or as a mood light placed individually above each table. In any environment the ceramic pendant lamp, LISA+, offers taste and refinement combined with elegance and traditional style.

Lisa, gold and silver

  • The Lisa Collection is also available in a plus version: brilliant white with a gold leaf interior or glossy black with silver leaf. The irregular opacity of the hand-applied gold and silver leafing assures soft non-glare illumination.

  • All pendants come as a single unit with a cable length of 4½ feet and its corresponding ceiling canopy. However, each pendent light is fully customizable and can be combined with multiple pendants on varying canopies. Feel free to mix and match with our other fabulous models. Please contact us for creating the perfect custom look for you.

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