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GIOIA is a decorative lamp designed to divide spaces or to emphasize the volume of the house with a cascade of decorative lights, colors and precious materials. It can also be used as a spot light to be dropped above dining tables, or as an ambient light to be placed on the sides of a sofa, fireplace, bedside table, etc. The placement possibilities are endless. 
Designed by Daniele Gualeni as the first model of a series of modular solutions in the coming years, GIOIA can be configured by customers as they prefer. The configuration is very simple and can be done online during the order, by the customer themself or by their decorator. 
We start by choosing a basic model (lampshade plus six beads), which can also be purchased individually and is available in three versions: Striped glass (hand-blown in Italy), Ceramic (Italian craftsmanship) or enameled in white, gray or black. One or more pairs of glass or ceramic beads can then be added to the order. Each pair of beads is supplied in the two high and low models which measure 6" when coupled.   For example, adding 2 copies of beads increases the length of the decorations around the cord by 1 foot.
The order is concluded by indicating the length with which you want the cable (which must be at least a little greater than the length of all the beads that will make up your model).
The custom model will be supplied pre-assembled and the customer will be able to thread the beads themself with the sequence of colors and materials that they prefer.
We do not recommend going beyond a maximum of 16 pairs of beads per cord (which equates to an 8-foot long composition).

The basic models can also be purchased individually without additional beads, and if a cable length preference is not indicated, they will be supplied with a standard 3.5 foot long cable and standard ceiling rose.

It is also possible to request more particular and unique creations with beads in other colors or finishes (such as gold leaf). Both single and combined in line or on circular canopies (for example to decorate stairwells). These solutions are considered unique creations and should be evaluated with the customer or their decorator / interior designer. We invite you to contact us for solutions other than those proposed here.

Gioia, bespoke pendant

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  • Designed by Daniele Gualeni, inspired by the works of the sculptor Constantin Brancusi, Gioia reinterprets common table suspension lighting with an incredible range of possible custom configurations. The basic models available in hand blown glass (“rigatino” style), or ceramic (white, black, gray, handmade ceramic) comes equipped with a standard 6-piece of 'beads' and a standard 3 1/2 feet length cable. Every basic model can be customized adding extra cable length and extra beads, also in different colors or materials for a maximum of 32 elements per cable.

  • All GIOIA pendants come as a single unit with a cable length of 3½ feet, 7 handmade glass elements (including the lamp shade), and its corresponding ceiling canopy. However, each pendent light is fully customizable and can be combined with multiple pendants on varying canopies. Feel free to mix and match with our other fabulous models. Please contact us for creating the perfect custom look for you.

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