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GIADA or Jade is a pendant lamp with a unique design. Like a precious stone, this lamp adds a pleasant sparkle to any environment. Suspended above the counter or mounted on the ceiling, Giada offers an extremely welcoming light, with a balanced design that is very simple, designed to harmonize with modern and classic furnishings alike but also to reinvoke the formal worth ​​of the traditional glassmaking process. It is also possible to juxtapose more counter-elements, thus making them perfect for an entryway or hung over a long table, creating a light source similar to suspended jewelry pieces.


Carefully designed to avoid the typical glare of light bulbs, the lamp has a central band that refracts light, so that it is not blinding.  The glass of this designer lamp is elegant and of impeccable quality. Thanks to a craftsmanship process similar to the ancient 'incalmo' technique, a band is created in the center, the result is a beautiful shell with a classical taste. 


Giada is made of handmade artisan Murano glass, available in two textures SABBIATO(sanded) and LISCIO(smooth). The fabric wrapped cord is available in two varieties: cord wrapped in white fabric with white lamp holder and cord wrapped in black fabric with copper-colored parts. (Bulb not included).


GIADA, like all handcrafted glass products by ILIDE, is a unique piece created by skilled and certified Italian glassmakers, heirs to a precious 'Italian Style' now exported all over the world and increasingly synonymous with luxury and elegance.

ILIDE guarantees the quality of its glass for life and certifies its year of manufacture, the origin, that it is '100% made in Italy' and the signature of the master glassmakers who have created the piece.


For specific inquiries and for more details on the product please fill in the information request form located on the side.


  • Giada adds a delightful sparkle to any interior. Suspended above a counter or mounted on the ceiling, Giada is an inviting, quietly charming lighting solution. Carefully designed to prevent the unpleasant dazzle produced by a visible bulb, Giada employs a central refracting band that disperses the light like a precious stone.

  • All pendants come as a single unit with a cable length of 3½ feet and its corresponding ceiling canopy. However, each pendent light is fully customizable and can be combined with multiple pendants on varying canopies. Feel free to mix and match with our other fabulous models. Please contact us for creating the perfect custom look for you.

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