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ETICA is an artisan pendant lamp with a unique aesthetic and composition. Its diffuser consists of a fine porcelain ‘heart’ that is translucent, enclosed in a precious smooth blown glass shell. The porcelain heart is crafted and finished by hand. When switched off, the handcrafted ETICA lamp manifests a beautiful delicacy, presenting a white, clean and neutral nature; when switched on the light filters past the fine porcelain heart and reveals its true color and character. 

ETICA is ideal for illuminating objects on a surface such as a kitchen island or table or even as a hovering beside light instead of a classic table lamp. 


All production of ETICA, the manufacturing of glass and porcelain, is performed in the Veneto area of Italy, renowned as much for pottery as for glass processing. An all-Italian charm, carefully balanced between functionality, artistic content and decorative pleasure. 

For larger spaces, such as on a long table or in a corridor, we suggest using multiple ETICA with our customizable ceiling plates.

Alone or in combination with more elements, ETICA is the ideal solution to illuminate anywhere indoors. 


- Compatible bulb: 1 x max 15W, E14, LED or energy saver, not included.

- Standard cable length: 60 inches
For further customization please visit the 'TECHNICAL​' section


  • A veil of blown glass cradling a heart of translucent ultra-fine porcelain realized manually with a unique design. Turned off, the lamp reveals its white, pristine nature. Illuminated, it produces a bright, even light.

  • All pendants come as a single unit with a cable length of 60" and its corresponding ceiling canopy. However, each pendent light is fully customizable and can be combined with multiple pendants on varying canopies. Feel free to mix and match with our other fabulous models. Please contact us for creating the perfect custom look for you.

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