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The lamp BUBBLE Globo is a spherical pendant lamp crafted and hand-blown by Venetian masters. The extreme elegance of the glass hue, which changes from milky white to pure transparent, testifies to the knowledge of the master glassmakers, keepers of secret processes that characterize Unapologtically Italian.

A classic and timeless shape such as the globe, revived with a touch of originality and color provided by a second small colored ball, also made of Murano glass, emerges like a heart from the bottom of the object.

This 'gradient glass' technique is obtained by mixing and blowing white and transparent glass in order to obtain a pure glass object whose transparency changes from milky white to semi-transparent to completely transparent crystal. In this way the upper part of the lamp is opaque, obscuring the light bulb glare and frame details, while the lower part, completely transparent, lets the light out and shows the detail of the small colored glass sphere.

The finishing touches of the piece are white painted frames and chromed pendant details.


BUBBLE Globo, like all handcrafted glass products by Unapologetically Italian, is a unique piece created by skilled and certified Italian glassmakers, heirs to a precious 'Italian Style' now exported all over the world and increasingly synonymous with luxury and elegance.

We guarantees the quality of our glass for life and certifies its year of manufacture, the origin, that it is '100% made in Italy' and the signature of the master glassmakers who have created the piece.

The lamp BUBBLE is a handcrafted globe pendant lamp suitable to any environment, perfect in combination with modern style furniture in apartments or commercial premises.

The lamp is delivered with a standard length cable as shown in the data sheets, but on request it can be provided with cables of different lengths according to the needs of the room to be furnished. To customize the cable length please fill in the information request form located to the side.

Bubble Globe

  • Bubble is made of handcrafted Murano blown glass. The bottom opening holds a small glass sphere that can be requested in several colors. Available in both suspended and ceiling versions, the glass is shaded from white to transparent. Bubble illuminates the environment without overpowering as the bulb is screened by the gradient of color.

  • All pendants come as a single unit with a cable length of 4½ feet and its corresponding ceiling canopy. However, each pendent light is fully customizable and can be combined with multiple pendants on varying canopies. Feel free to mix and match with our other fabulous models. Please contact us for creating the perfect custom look for you.

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