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This unique glass vase is an artistic work created with the "sommerso" (submerged) technique. Overlapping of internal colours characterised by regular air bubbles, obtained with the submerged "baloton" technique.


Approximate dimensions:

Width between 3" and 4", Height between 12" and 13": Length between 10" and 11"

Approximate weight: 28 pound

Note: This is a unique sculpture made by hand as a one-of-a-kind piece. It has an upper opening and a hollow heart that allow it to be used as a vase.

Bolla Oro

  • Your unique sculpture needs to be produced especially for you by our master glassmaker in Murano. Upon receiving your order, our customer service team will contact you about the estimated time of delivery. Please allow several weeks for your custom purchase to be created and shipped to the US.

    Refer to our "terms and conditions" for further information.

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